The Lagotto Romagnolo: what kind of dog is this?

We introduce to you our Trilli and Maya.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is known for being the "king of truffles". It is the only breed recognized by the FCI for truffle hunting. Its natural aptitude for hunting and its excellent sense of smell make this breed an efficient truffle hunter. The hunting instinct has been changed during the genetic selection, so this dog’s work is not distracted by the smells of game.

This is Trilli, 5 years old

Lagotto Romagnolo

Our expert seeker, with her infallible flair she does not miss a beat!

It's amazing how she manages to smell the truffle in the woods even at a long distance!

The truth is that she has always had a lot of fun looking for truffles since she was a puppy, especially because she receives so many great prizes as a reward!

Yes, because Trilli is incurably greedy more than anything else: as soon as someone eats something, she is always ready to show off her sweet and begging eyes to convince them to drop her a bite. The photo shows an example thereof.

In fact, every now and then, alas, she also eats some truffles, so much so she is greedy ... but what can we do? Trilli is a gourmet !

2 years ago she became mother of 7 beautiful puppies, including our Maya. It was an unforgettable moment ...

She is a sweet, affectionate and cuddly dog, a perfect house dog. She is good and quiet and sometimes sleeps most of the day. She goes wild only in the woods or in the truffle ground, nobody can stop her there anymore! But don't be fooled by that sweet face: her favorite hobby is hunting lizards, which, unfortunately for her, she never manages to catch ... Despite this, she spends entire afternoons staring at walls or moving flower pots to find some. She does not give up! In short, she is quite a bit crazy, but without Trilli the focus of our company would be missing!

This is Maya, 2 years old

A dog's love.

Maya is extremely intelligent.

She amazes us most of the time for how she responds to our requests, as if she almost understood the exact words spoken.

She loves playing with ball and Frisbee, but she does not disdain to leave them behind when the time comes to get busy in the search for truffles which remains her favorite game.

Maya is fantastic at retrieving and she often retrieves the truffles found by Trilli. We can safely say that mother and daughter complement each other: Trilli finds and Maya retrieves: a perfect match !! Even if it is then up to us to enter and cover the area of ​​the discovery in order to preserve it.

Maya was fully trained by us, although she also learned a lot from her mother.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is in fact a very receptive dog and learns a lot in a short time. This is precisely because this is a very dedicated dog. He works willingly and indeed, he gets depressed if he can't do it! Even if we preferred to make the truffle hunting activity more a game than a job for our dogs. Everyone has their own method, anyway.

Our two dogs represent 100% the aspects that characterize this dog breed.

The Lagotto has a mild character, never aggressive and easily trainable. It is a dog who likes the company of humans. He is always affectionate and eager to please the owner. That is to say that this is a dog that never disappoints. He easily adapts to the master's routine and is very patient.

It is mandatory to use a dog for research, since this is the only animal that guarantees to find an accurate location, so that unnecessary excavations are avoided, which would ruin the ground. Italian law requires dogs to be specially trained in order to search for truffles. However, it is not mandatory to buy trained dogs or to turn to professional trainers: with a lot of patience and care it is possible to train the dog in person, starting with simple games when it is a puppy, progressing to more complex exercises, up to the actual search.

We did this way with our dogs ; at the simple command "search" they now stop, smell the air and head towards a certain area in ​​the woods, briefly dig at the base of a tree and proudly carry the "booty" in our hands to receive the well-deserved award.

Here follows an example of a truffle search with Maya in our truffle plantage:

The search for truffles, in addition to being profitable in the seasons of abundant production, can be a rewarding activity, especially when it comes to create a relationship of mutual trust with your dog.

Would you like to search for truffles? Tell me in the comments.


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